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Consultancy Services

Clients often require expertise to solve technical imaging problems; not just a fully-finished project or footage elements.

To avoid clients wasting time and money, we offer a consultancy service which delivers a detailed report providing solutions to a specific challenge. We have worked on an extremely wide variety of projects – from nuclear physics to high-speed imaging for amusement parks.

We have developed solutions for 3D object imaging, 3D spacial imaging in restricted spaces such as car and aircraft cockpits, high speed stills/video, covert and time lapse imaging, microscopy, advanced 3D modelling and special effects…

With over 30 years experience working on technical imaging problems, we have valuable expertise and access to specialist technicians. This enables us to develop novel, hybrid photographic/engineering/electronic solutions to meet the most unusual challenges.

If you have a project which you need some help with, please contact us.

Examples of some of our photography